Wayne Cilimberg

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Wayne Cilimberg
Wayne Cilimberg at April 2011 PACC-Tech Meeting

Director of Planning

Secretary to the Planning Commission

Biographical Information

Place of birth Richmond, VA
Residence Locust Grove
Alma mater Virginia Tech
Profession Director of Planning

Wayne Cilimberg is a former director of planning for the Albemarle County Department of Community Development. He also served on the Meadowcreek Parkway Design Committee. [1]

Work history

Cilimberg was introduced to the Board of Supervisors on April 9, 1986. [2]

He retired in 2016 and his service was recognized by the Board of Supervisors on April 6, 2016. [3]


Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Wayne Cilimberg moved to Charlottesville in 1989 while working for the County Department of Planning and Community Development. He graduated from Virginia Tech first with a BA in Urban Affairs in 1976 and then with a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning in 1981.[4]


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