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Virginia State Route 20 is a north-south roadway. Within the area, it runs north from Scottsville through Charlottesville and Albemarle County to Orange. This section of the road is part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground scenic by-way.


In the 1800's, Route 20 was known as "Road of the Presidents" because it came close to the homes of Madison, Monroe and Thomas Jefferson. In 1921, Route 20 was the first road in Albemarle County to be paved using state funds[1].

The State Highway Commission approved a request for U.S. 250 and Route 20 to be routed through Charlottesville in November 1948. [2]


Route 20 has an exit to and from I-64 immediately prior to entering Charlottesville.


As Route 20 enters Charlottesville from the south it is signed Monticello Avenue. Route 20 continues as Avon Street, High Street, becomes briefly contiguous with U.S. Route 250 as it leaves the city over the Free Bridge.


A portion of the road between Mill Creek Drive and Thomas Jefferson Parkway was closed in mid-may 2014 due to heavy rains that caused a pipe to fail. [3]


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