Virginia Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center

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The Virginia Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center, also known as KCRC, is a part of the UVA health system that is dedicated to children with special needs.[1] It was founded in 1957.[2]

It specializes in caring for children that need specific therapy or rehabilitation after an injury, accident or surgery or have a chronic illness such as diabetes or cystic fibrosis.[1] Many families go to KCRC to diagnose why their child is having difficulties walking, talking, learning or eating, or is experiencing behavior problems.[1]

The KCRC is in the process of closing its operations.[2] Most of the facility's activities will be absorbed by other UVA medical centers.[2] However, in-patient services for children under 15 will be discontinued.[2]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°02′46″N 78°31′15″W / 38.046046°N 78.520728°W / 38.046046; -78.520728


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