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Van der Linde Recycling and Container Rentals
Van der Linde Logo.jpg
Type Trash Disposal and Recycling
Founded December 2008[1]
Founder Peter van der Linde
Dissolved 2018
Headquarters 73 Hunters Branch Road, Troy, VA
Key people Michael Ledford, President and CEO
Industry Waste Management
Products Single-Stream Recycling

Van der Linde Recycling was a recycling company with a "dirty" Materials Recovery Facility located in Zion Crossroads, Virginia. It closed in the spring of 2018. [2]

The dirty MRF processes mixed waste to separate out recyclables from refuse. [3]

The City of Charlottesville signed a contract with the company in June 2010, agreeing to have Waste Management ship the city's trash to Van der Linde's MRF in exchange for $33 per ton.[4]

A number of private trash disposal companies that serve Albemarle County residents, including Dixon Disposal and Time Disposal, also take the waste they collect to Zion Crossroads facility.[5]

On July 10, 2013, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors reviewed an offer van der Linde submitted in response to a Request for Proposals initiated in May 2013. Van der Linde proposed that Van der Linde Recycling would operate three 'convenience centers' in the county where residents could bring their trash and recycling.[6]

The company announced in February 2018 it would close the recyling center. [7] The move left many in Albemarle County with out a recycling option. [8]


The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority sued Peter van der Linde in 2009. Some speculated that one motive for the suit was the RSWA's fear of competition from the Van der Linde Recycling MRF. More information can be found on the RSWA page.[9]


Critics of Van der Linde Recycling say that recyclables are contaminated when they are not separated.[10] Indeed, van der Linde competitor Allied Waste - which manages Charlottesville's source-separated curbside recyclables - has adopted the slogan "separate, don't contaminate." Peter van der Linde admits that contamination occurs, but argues that this is also true for other forms of recycling. The MRF's recovery rate is increasing.[11] Others point out that when Charlottesville residents separate their recyclables from their trash and place it on the curb for free collection, the materials are taken to a transfer station in Ivy and then transported 87 miles to an MRF in Chester, Virginia.[5]


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