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Both Charlottesville and Albemarle County participate in VDOT's Revenue Sharing Program, which is administered by VDOT under the authority of Section 33.1-23.05 of the Code of Virginia.

The program provides additional funding for use by a county, city, or town to construct or improve the highway systems within that jurisdiction, with statutory limitations on the amount of state funds authorized per locality. Funds can also be requested for eligible additions in certain counties of the Commonwealth. Locality funds are matched with state funds for qualifying projects. An annual allocation of funds for this program is designated by the Commonwealth Transportation Board.[1]

Application for program funding must be made by resolution of the governing body. Towns not maintaining their own streets must have their requests included in the application of the county in which they are located. Project administration may be accomplished by VDOT, or by the locality under an agreement with VDOT


Charlottesville applied for three projects:

  • $ 2 million for signalization for East High Streetscape project
  • $300,000 for the Route 250 Bypass / Hydraulic Road Turn Lane Extension
  • $3 million for streetwide multimodal improvements [2]


Organization Project Name UPC# Scope From To Recommended FY20 State Match Allocation
Albemarle County Library Avenue Extension to Parkside Village 113385 Extend Road Library Avenue Hillstop Street $1,566,450
Albemarle County Berkmar Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 113186 Bikeway/Trails Berkmar Drive/Rio Road Intersection Berkmar Drive / Hilton Heights Road Intersection $1,235,073
Albemarle County Commonwealth Drive / Dominion Drive Sidewalks 113183 Sidewalk (new construction) Hydraulic Road / Commonwealth Drive Intersection Dominion Drive / U.S. 29 Intersection $613,501
Charlottesville Multi-Modal Improvements (Citywide) 113175 Sidewalk (new construction) Citywide Citywide $413,218
Charlottesville West Main Street Phase II 113177 Rconstruction 6th Street NW 8th Street NW $1,836,522

The Commonwealth Transportation Board will hold a final vote on June 18, 2019. [citation needed]


The Board of Supervisors decided on November 2, 2016 to apply for three projects. They are a further extension of Berkmar Drive, preliminary engineering for sidewalks and bike lanes on Avon Street Extended from 5th Street Station Parkway to Mill Creek Drive and a pedestrian crossing at State Farm Boulevard. [3]


The 2011 General Assembly passed a bill that increases the amount available in the program dramatically. As of FY2012, localities will be able to apply for up to $10 million, providing they have a match. The program will also have a minimum disbursement of $50 million a year and a maximum of $200 million. [4]

The tentative application date for FY2012 for localities is As of April 29, 2011. The Commonwealth Transportation Board will make awards at its June meeting.

Listen to audio from March 16, 2011 CTB meeting:

<play audio>File:20110316-CTB-VDOT-Revenue-Sharing.mp3 </play audio>


In As of 2011, the City of Charlottesville is applying for $1 million to pay for repair work to the Belmont bridge. They are among 6 localities in VDOT's Culpeper District that are seeking funding through revenue sharing.[5]. However, VDOT is reducing the amount of funding available and is providing only a partial match, meaning the city may only receive $450,000[6]. City officials have confirmed they will receive $460,904 this year[7].


The City of Charlottesville received $1,000,000 in FY07-08 after contributing $1,500,000 as a match to help pay for adding an extra lane and second lamp on southbound Route 29 onto the eastbound Route 250 bypass[citation needed].

In FY08, the Board of Supervisors applied for an additional $1,000,000 in revenue sharing to pay for cover the Parkway's cost increase to $30.6 million[8].


Albemarle County received $1,000,000 in FY07 after contributing $1,500,000 as a match to pay down the balance required for its share of the Meadowcreek Parkway[9].


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