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Ian Lamb, Semester Intern, Charlottesville Tomorrow

WHY DO YOU USE CVILLEPEDIA? I use cvillepedia because I think it's important to have a database that can be quickly and easily searched. It's important for me because if I don't have time to go rummaging through the internet for a specific piece of information, most times it's on cvillepedia. If it's not, I'll add it because I suspect I won't be the last person looking for that answer to a question I have.

WHERE DO YOU CVILLEPEDIA? Anywhere that I have a computer. At this point if I'm reading/watching local news and something interesting pops up, a lot of times I'll do a quick cvillepedia search to see what the database says, even if I already know about the topic. If cvillepedia doesn't have it, I'll add it. If it does have it, I'll try to update it with as much new information as I have.

CVILLEPEDIA TIP FOR OTHERS? Don't be afraid to experiment, that's what the "show preview" button is for. A lot of times a good chart can add a lot to a page and a little fiddling can go a long way.

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