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UACC garden on Garrett Street, near Friendship Court

The Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville (UACC) is a non-profit organization that operates volunteer-grown organic urban gardens in the Friendship Court, West Street, and Sixth Street neighborhoods. The UACC gardens were originally part of the Quality Community Council Farms Project, which launched in 2007.[1] But in Fall 2011, the UACC formed and became independent of the QCC.[2]

Together, the gardens yield 10,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables in an average year. Those who volunteer to work in the garden receive wooden 'farm tokens' which they can exchange for produce at a UACC market day, held once a week. Alternatively, volunteers can choose to put their tokens in a 'pay it forward' jar, donating them to someone who might need fruits and vegetables but is not able to volunteer. During the growing season, market days typically serve 40 to 50 families every week. The goal is to bring Charlottesville residents of all ages and backgrounds together, and to help feed families in need.[3]

Part of the UACC's mission is to educate parents and children about healthy, sustainable food. The UACC works with students at Clark Elementary School and other Charlottesville City Schools.[4]

UACC's founder is Todd Niemeier, also known as Farmer Todd.


Board of Directors

  • Tamara Wright – Board Chair
  • Dr. A’Lelia Henry – Vice Chair
  • Rosa Key – Treasurer
  • Maureen Nichols – Secretary
  • Kate Collier
  • Rev. Kenneth Jones

Advisory Council

  • Anthony Max-Yeboah
  • Barbara Lee
  • Chad Freckmann
  • Dave Redding
  • Georgina Sims
  • Janet Mitchell
  • Joanie Freeman
  • Rev. Kenneth Jones
  • Lisa Shook
  • Loren Intolube-Chmil
  • Lyvette Brown
  • Mary Carey
  • Maureen Nichols
  • Michelle Straub-McSherrey
  • Rosa Key
  • Sue Horne
  • Tamara Wright
  • Warrick Yarborough


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