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The University of Virginia Cemetery was founded in 1828 and is the final resting place of several historical figures and important University of Virginia faculty. [1] Dr. William Henry Tucker was the first to be interred here.[1] The final ground plot was sold in 1966 [2] but the Columbarium is still in use. [1] Several notable professors (including Dumas Malone) and four university presidents are buried here. UVA’s first mascot, a black and white dog named Beta, and second mascot, a black dog named Seal, are also buried in the cemetery. [2] The Columbarium wall traverses the northern boundary of the University Cemetery.

UVa Cemetery

The UVA Cemetery is contiguous with the UVA Confederate Cemetery.

The land for the Cemetery at the University of Virginia was purchased from John M. Perry by Arthur S. Brockenbrough, UVA’s first proctor, on May 9, 1825.[2] The 153 acres between the Rotunda and Observatory Hill were purchased for $6,600.93. [2] In 1905, the Society for the Continual Care of the Cemetery of the University of Virginia was founded in order to provide maintenance for the cemetery. [2]


The Columbarium is located on the northern boundary of the cemetery and has 360 vaults in 3 rows.[3] Its construction was approved in 1987.[3] It was designed by Jack Rinehart Jr..[3]

Confederate Cemetery

The University of Virginia Confederate Cemetery, also known as Confederate Cemetery, holds 1,097 soldiers including two Confederate generals, Turner Ashby and Carnot Posey.[2] This section of the cemetery holds 82 confederate soldiers from Alabama, 13 from Florida, 224 from Georgia, 84 from Louisiana, 4 from Maryland, 69 from Mississippi, 200 from North Carolina, 161 from South Carolina, 10 from Tennessee, 12 from Texas, 192 from Virginia, 29 whose states are uncertain, and 17 from northern states.[4] The Ladies of the Confederate Memorial Association, formed in 1866, was responsible for providing wooden grave-markers for the soldiers and built a stone wall around the soldiers' graves.[2] This section of the cemetery also features a commemorative statue simply named the Confederate Monument.[4]



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