US 250 Overpass

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US 250 Overpass

Project Overview
Cost estimate $141.2 million
Potential funding sources Not recommended for further consideration or analyses
Next meeting None

Status Update

US 250 Overpass is one of several projects evaluated in the Eco-Logical Pilot Project - Free Bridge Congestion Relief, a project conducted in the mid 2010's by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. [1]

Project Overview

"Alternative A‐1 is intended to reduce congestion at the US 250 and High Street intersection by providing a means of east‐and west‐bound US 250 through‐traffic to bypass the intersections and Free Bridge. This alternative would involve the construction of a new two‐lane (one west‐bound, one east‐bound) elevated road structure above the existent bridge and roadway. The flyover would return to grade at approximately Landonia Circle in the City and Flow Volkswagen in Albemarle. The existent intersections, bridge and roadways would remain below the new structure. This would continue to allow 'local' traffic to access businesses and side streets in the vicinity of the project."


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