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Tom Tom Founders Festival is a "creative festival that celebrates original music, public art and entrepreneurial innovation." [1] The focus of the festival is to highlight what many think makes the Charlottesville area unique- music, art, and innovation. Different events highlight each of those themes.

The event has been held since 2012 with a second festival each September called Tomtoberfest.

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Paul Beyer and Oliver Platts-Mills were the initial co-founders of the festival. They partnered with Natasha Sienitsky and a Richmond-based event organizer.


The 2012 festival was a month-long event that began on April 13 with a local music and art themed block party at the McGuffey Art Center. The next was a Kite Day festival in the eastern half of McIntire Park. Every Wednesday during the festival, Tom Tom hosted an innovation-based presentation and conversation. The festival concludes with a weekend of live music productions held throughout downtown Charlottesville, a local food expo, and a gala at IX Project.


The four-day event in September included a campaign forum at which local entrepreneuers asked questions of candidates for Charlottesville City Council and the Albemarle Board of Supervisors. [2]


Keynote speakers at the Founders Summit included Dahlia Lithwick. [3] An exhibit installed on the Downtown Mall by Aaron Fein had to be removed due to high winds. [4]

Tom Tom also held a special restaurant week this year. [5] There was also a Future Forum. [6] The winners of the crowd-funded pitch night were two students from St. Anne's Belfield. [7]


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