Timberlake-Branham House

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Timberlake Branham House
Virginia Landmarks Register #104-0232
Individually Protected Property
Timberlake Branham House
Woolen Mills Village Historic District
Location: 1512 Market Street East
Nearest city: Charlottesville, VA
Coordinates: 38°01′27″N 78°27′46″W / 38.024084°N 78.46273°W / 38.024084; -78.46273Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′27″N 78°27′46″W / 38.024084°N 78.46273°W / 38.024084; -78.46273
Built/Founded: 1886
Part of: Woolen Mills Village Historic District
Designated VLR: October 20, 1981
Designated IPP: Sept 14, 1993
VLR #: 104-0232

The Timberlake-Branham House in the Woolen Mills neighborhood is one of Charlottesville's individually protected properties, meaning any exterior changes or potential demolition would have to be approved by the Board of Architectural Review.[1]


In 1886, James E. Timberlake bought 5.5 acres of land overlooking surrounding farmland and built his house. In 1889 he bought 5.5 more acres of adjoining land. For almost fifty years the house remained with the Timberlakes, including a family cemetery to the nowrthwest of the house. The family bequeathed the house to their daughter, Bessie M. Mann, in 1916. In 1937 Mann sold the house to Henry E. Fairburn, who sold it the following year.[2]

In 1988 Republic Home Investment Corporation purchased the home from Thomas Hickman and sold it to Rivanna Partners in 1989. It was then turned into an Adult Care Center.[3]


The Timberlake-Branham House is located at 1512 East Market Street.


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