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Three Notch'd Road (also called Three Chopt Road) was a colonial-era major east-west route across central Virginia.


It is believed to have taken its name from a distinctive marking of three notches cut into trees to blaze the trail.[1] By the 1730s, the trail extended from the vicinity of the fall line of the James River at the future site of Richmond, westerly to the Shenandoah Valley, crossing the Blue Ridge Mountains at Jarmans Gap.[2] Three Notch'd Road also served as a crossing point for the Rivanna River.[3]

In the modern era, a large portion of U.S. Route 250 follows the historic path of the Three Notch'd Road, as does nearby Interstate 64.[4]. In the City of Charlottesville, which was established at the head of navigation on the Rivanna River, West Main Street and part of University Avenue near the University of Virginia follow its original course.[1]


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