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The Thomas Jefferson Sustainability Council was created in 1994 by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission.[1] It is comprised of 34 citizens who represent the 6 counties in the district. They adhere to the sustainability accords they created in 1998.[1]

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1998 Sustainability Accords

  • Encourage and maintain strong ties between the region’s urban and rural areas
  • Strive for a size and distribute the human population in ways that preserve vital resources
  • Retain the natural habitat
  • Ensure water quality and quantity are sufficient to support people and ecosystems
  • Optimize the use and re-use of developed land and promote clustering
  • Promote appropriate scale for land uses
  • Retain farm and forest land
  • Develop attractive and economical transportation alternatives
  • Conserve energy
  • Provide educational and employment opportunities
  • Increase individual participation in neighborhoods and communities



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