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Thomas C. Foley, Albemarle County Executive, presenting budget to local media on February 24, 2011

Thomas C. Foley served as County Executive of Albemarle County from 2011 to early 2017. [1][dead link] He began serving in this role on January 1, 2011, succeeding Robert Tucker. Foley was previously the assistant county executive. His initial salary was $165,000 a year plus benefits but increased to $178,000 on July 1, 2014. [2] [3]

County Executive

As county executive, Foley was the lead individual carrying out the decisions of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. In his various roles at the county, he has pushed for the county to adopt a strategic, forward-looking mindset, including a focus on a Strategic Plan and Five Year Financial Plan.[4] He also takes the lead in proposing a county budget that the supervisors debate and edit into the budget they eventually pass.


Foley was born in Boston, Massachusetts but raised in Dale City, Virginia. Incidentally, his counterpart in Charlottesville, City Manager Maurice Jones grew up in the same area and attended the same high school. As the son of a member of the military, Foley spent some of his young years on the Island of Guam as well.

Foley received his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Marshall University in May 1985 and a Master's in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 1993. He served as a staff associate at the Virginia Institute of Counties from October 1989 to May 1991. He worked as County Administrator for five years in Caroline County, Virginia and three in Cumberland County, Virginia before coming to Albemarle County.

Foley came to Albemarle in 1999 after being hired as the county's Assistant County Executive. As assistant county executive, he has overseen almost all departments in the county, excluding human services. He now lives in Crozet with his wife Lori, where he raised three children.[4]


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