The Virginian

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The Virginian
Type Restaurant
Founded 1923
Founder Billy Gooch and Ellis Brown
Headquarters Charlottesville
No. of locations The Corner
Parent The Virginian Restaurant Company

The Virginian is a bar and grill located on The Corner that is owned by The Virginian Restaurant Company.


Established in 1923, the Virginian is Charlottesville's oldest existing restaurant. It was founded by University of Virginia alumni Billy Gooch and Ellis Brown in its current location on the corner. During Prohibition it became a soda fountain, rather than a speakeasy. However, after Prohibition was abolished in 1933 it began serving beer.[1] [2]

The restaurant was purchased by Andy McClure in 2001. The restaurant was in the background of the film True Colors.

Noteworthy Events

First Lady Michelle Obama had a meal at The Virginian with daughters Malia and Sasha in 2009.[3]


The Virginian is located at 1521 University Ave


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