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Use for linking to articles on wikipedia.

This template will standardize the presentation thereof, and classify the Articles with wikipedia entries category.


There is only one required parameter, in first position: the article title on wikipedia, with underscores if necessary.

e.g., {{Wikipedia link|Martha_Jefferson}} will give you something you can use.


You are encouraged to classify why this article is linked, using the "whylink" parameter with one of the values below. E.g., "|whylink=outsidearea".


If the wikipedia article covers things that aren't in Charlottesville-Albemarle. Common with roads and rivers. Allows for parameter "about", which will replace the name of the page in the boilerplate text. E.g., see Chamber of Commerce.


See the explanation at its related category.

If you use this option, there is a required parameter "linktext", the value of which will usually be the first required parameter without the underscores.


Use with our stub articles to help make them better. See the explanation at its related "maintenance" category.


Should be used infrequently; a bare reference to the wikipedia article. Optional parameter "linktext" substitutes page name in the output. See the explanation at its related category.

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