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March 10:

  • 1865Civil War: Sheridan's army departed Scottsville and continued along the James River to Columbia, leaving Scottsville ransacked and charred. It would take forty years for the town's economy to recover.
  • 1871Benjamin Franklin Ficklin (aged 43) died in Georgetown, D.C. and was buried with Masonic honors in Maplewood Cemetery, Charlottesville.
  • 1882 – Land is purchase for a synagogue on the corner of Market and Church (now Second) Streets, a site now occupied by the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.
  • 1910Thomas L. Rosser, Confederate major general best known for his “hit and run” raids and referred to as the "Savior of the Valley" by the Southern press, died at his estate home Rugby Hall on Preston Height's just outside the city line.
  • 1948 – Fray’s Mill at Advance Mills, north of the city, was destroyed by fire early today, and a member of the family collapsed and died after seeing the flames. John Fray began operation of the mill in 1833 and for many years, the area was known as Fray's Mill.