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Use this template to report results of completed elections.

Each candidate gets three parameters: a name (ideally, linked to his or her article), the vote count, and % of total votes.

Simply list the candidates in order of votes, descending, with those three parameters. Continue for each candidate. The maximum this can handle is nine candidates; the template will need to be edited when we get a ten-candidate race.

The source parameter is used to indicate where the election results came from (e.g. Virginia State Board of Elections; City of Charlottesville). You can list the source and add a reference tag as in the following example:

source=Virginia State Board of Elections<ref>{{cite web|title=Official Results|url=http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/ElectionResults/2004/Nov2004/#005|author=|work=|publisher=Virginia State Board of Elections|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=28 Nov. 2010}}</ref>

The results of the reference tag will appear in the table[1] and at the bottom in that article's notes like this:


  1. Web. Official Results, Virginia State Board of Elections, retrieved 28 Nov. 2010.