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Use on an election page to link to cvilletomorrow promotional stuff. They insist it goes at the top of the page.


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Required parameters

  • electiontitle: Name of the election you are resourcing. Often suitable to use {{PAGENAME}} for the value.

Optional parameters

By locality

The template produces two columns, one each for Charlottesville and Albemarle. There are parameters that apply to each of these localities, in pairs, one for each column, with a 1 or a 2 suffix to indicate which column the value will appear in.

Required parameters

  • locality1 and locality2: The name, for now it's "Albemarle County" and "Charlottesville".

Optional parameters

  • race1-vpap and race2-vpap. A link to campaign finance information within the locality.

By race

Within each locality there can be several races. The parameters are the same with the exception of an integer suffix or infix, e.g., race1, race2, race3, &c. The odd-numbered races appear in the first column (locality) and the even numbered in the second. In the list below, the suffix is indicated by an N

Required parameters

  • raceN: the position for which the race is being contested, e.g., City Council or Clerk of Court.

Optional parameters

  • districtN: when the race is contested only within a district within the locality, the name of that district. E.g., the name of a magisterial district.


Used on page 2011 election.