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The template {{As of}} is used to mark potentially dated statements, and add an article in the appropriate "As of..." category. This allows editors to catalogue statements that may become dated over time.

The date used for a given statement should be the current date (for currently valid statements) or the date on which the cited reference was produced (for example, when using census data).

This template should not be subst'd.


The template can be used in the following forms:

{{As of|year|month|day}}
{{As of|year|month}}
{{As of|year}}

Several additional named parameters can also be used (see below).



  • year (first parameter) – must be in full numerical format (yyyy)


  • month (second parameter) – full, abbreviated or numerical (recommended) formats supported
  • day (third parameter) – numerical format only, not included in link


  • alt – optional; allows substitution of visible text output (defaults to "As of date") for different wording and case, if defined values for df and lc parameters are ignored
  • lc – optional; gives lower case "as of date" when defined, recommended syntax is lc=on


basic usage with known year, month, or day precision

{{As of|2008}} — As of 2008
{{As of|2008|7}} — As of July 2008
{{As of|2008|7|5}} — As of July 5, 2008

substituting text

{{As of|2008|4|1|alt=as of the [[2009 election]]}} — As of the 2009 election


{{As of|2008|7|5|lc=on}} — as of July 5, 2008

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