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In the spring of 1975, a group of African American youths protested what they said was harassment of a black man by a security guard at the Safeway on West Main Street. The Daily Progress reported that around sixty people began throwing bricks at the building breaking all the windows. Police with riot gear broke up the melee, but the disturbance continued into the next night. Police Chief John DeKoven Bowen blamed the unrest on the hostility of inner-city youth against the establishment. In the summer, the unrest continued and at one point a policeman was shot in the foot. [1]

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I'm going to use this as a sandbox to come up with a way to track the updates and edits I want to be made:

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1) Albemarle econ dev 61PdRYGtedUcw 2) Other area BOS people: 3) CAT training own drivers


  1. Print: The Seventies: Central Virginia Ends Decade of Joy and Tragedy, Doug Kamholz, Daily Progress, Worrell Newspaper group January 1, 1980, Page A6.