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Summary of September 28, 2021 changes

In an effort to document the choices I make when I make edits, I will explain what I just did. I made this edit solely because I needed to wake my brain up and to do research. I clicked "Random page" on the left sidebar and this showed up. When I do this, I usually find something I want to update. In this case:

  • I like to move the template {{biostub}} to below a quick summary of who the person is. I find this looks better, and no one has corrected me since then.
  • I like to hyperlink dates so they are more visible to the search engine when I do my chronological searches. I also feel the wiki works better when there are many connections between pages.
  • There are many old links to the old Charlottesville Tomorrow typepad page, and I like to update these when I can.
  • I update the references section to use {{reflist}}
  • I check any old deadlinks against the wayback machine. In this case, McIntosh's campaign site was long gone.

Nothing fancy, but thought I'd explain what I do to anyone who may use the site in the future. --Seantubbs (talk) 11:13, 28 September 2021 (EDT)