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Correcting plaigarism of DP article

All of the democratic primary contenders have had recent edits plaigarising daily progress article. Nearly the entire contents of the article now appear on the candidates' pages; this goes well beyond fair use. I have made edits to this article in an attempt to make the article suitable to copyright standards, (see, e.g., copy-paste) but also I hope that this makes the article more useful to readers as well, as it presents and encylopedic, wikilinked view of positions without having to parse through the politic-ese in the answers, esp. on the two major issues of this campaign. I'd like to see this fixed on the other pages as well, because I'd hate to have to undo all the other recent additions due to copyright. -- B.S. Lawrence 18:44, 15 August 2011 (EDT)

This information has been provided to cvillepedia via the partnership between The Daily Progress and Charlottesville Tomorrow and is published by permission of both organizations which collected it from the candidates. Please restore. --BrianWheeler 21:17, 15 August 2011 (EDT)