Sugar Hollow Reservoir

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Sugar Hollow Reservoir
Sugar Hollow dam, separating the Reservior, right, and emptying into the Moormans River, left.
Owner RWSA
Location Sugar Hollow
Built 1947
Capacity 360 million gallons (1995)

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The Sugar Hollow Reservoir is formed by the Sugar Hollow Dam, constructed in 1946-1947 on the Moormans River to expand the public water supply system. The dam was originally called the Moorman's River Dam.[1]

The reservoir is the highest of the RWSA's three, and as such is used to help fill the others. The Sugar Hollow Pipeline connects to the Ragged Mountain Reservoir and the Observatory Hill Water Treatment Plant, and reservoir overflow leads to the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir via river flow[2].

Landslide and 1999 expansion

An inflatable bladder was added to the spillway crest in 1999 to increase spillway capacity while maintaining original storage capacity. The normal pool elevation with the inflatable bladder raised position is 975 feet. At this normal pool condition, the reservoir's storage capacity is approximately 360 million gallons, based on a bathymetric survey performed in September 1995, after a June 1995 landslide resulting from severe rainfall and causing approximately 70 million gallons of lost storage.[2]

Community Water Supply Plan

As of 2010 the Sugar Hollow Reservoir would be unaffected by the proposed 2005-2055 Community Water Supply Plan or any its current counter-proposals[citation needed].

Map & Photos

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