Sugar Hollow Pipeline

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Sugar Hollow Pipeline
Type pipeline
Owner RWSA

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The Sugar Hollow Pipeline flows from the Sugar Hollow Reservoir, and flows to the Ragged Mountain Reservoir or the Observatory Hill Water Treatment Plant.

Constructed in 1925, the pipeline comprises an 18-inch gravity-fed transmission main approximately 13 miles in length.

Water from the Sugar Hollow Reservoir that is not used by the pipeline can be released to the Moormans River by flow over the spillway, or as a voluntary release through an orifice on the 18-inch pipeline located just below the Sugar Hollow Dam. Water from the Sugar Hollow Reservoir via this pipeline can also be directed straight to the Observatory Hill Water Treatment Plant bypassing the Ragged Mountain Reservoir.[1]

Considered as one interconnected system, raw water from both the Sugar Hollow and the Ragged Mountain reservoirs is treated at the Observatory Hill Water Treatment Plant.[1]

Community Water Supply Plan

Under the RWSA's preferred alternative for the 2005-2055 Community Water Supply Plan, the Sugar Hollow Pipeline would be retired and replaced with a pipeline connecting the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir to an expanded Ragged Mountain Reservoir.[2]

The aging pipeline is reported to have broken 17 times during 2002-2007. [3] One break on September 11, 2004 cost nearly $200,000 to repair. [4]


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