Starr Hill neighborhood

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Starr Hill neighborhood
County Area Charlottesville

High School Charlottesville

Other Attributes

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The Starr Hill neighborhood is located between downtown Charlottesville and UVA. It is home to several churches as well as Jefferson High School and the City Yard.[1]

Starr Hill got its name because it was home to many educated and wealthy black families, or "Stars." The origin of the extra "r" in "Starr" is unknown.[2]

The New Hill Development Corporation was awarded funding for the city to develop a small area plan for the neighborhood. A presentation was made to Charlottesville City Council on November 4, 2019.

History Week Celebration


On May 29, 2012, Pat Edwards led community members on a walking tour of the Starr Hill neighborhood. The knowledge she shared (below) was based largely on her personal memory as a lifelong resident of Charlottesville and current Starr Hill resident.[2]

Other facts

Dorothy Zenobia Lias lived with her family in the neighborhood during her early life. Marcha Howard's father spent 54 years working at Joker's Barbershop in Starr Hill.

In 1978, the neighborhood received the first installment of a $1.2 million plan for upgrades. [3]

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