South Fork Rivanna Water Treatment Plant

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South Fork Rivanna Water Treatment Plant
Type Water treatment plant
Owner RWSA
Built mid-1960s
Capacity 12 MGD

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The South Fork Rivanna Water Treatment Plant is a conventional-process water treatment plant located in Albemarle County just north of Charlottesville. The plant was originally constructed in the mid 1960s and has a permitted capacity of 12 million gallons per day (MGD) average. As of 2009 it is operated at about 8 MGD and peaks periodically at 11.5 MGD.

The plant receives raw water from an intake located adjacent to the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir's dam. There are three levels of intakes that can be used depending on water quality issues and reservoir pool level. Normally water is withdrawn from the highest intake.

The plant treats raw water from the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, or from the Sugar Hollow Reservoir via the Sugar Hollow Pipeline. Ragged Mountain Reservoir raw water cannot be transferred to this plant[1].


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