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Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center opened in the fall of 2010 and is operated by the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department. The facility has been closed several times over the years for repairs to its heating and cooling system. The structure is part of the campus at Buford Middle School. The initial cost was $11.2 million, but the city has spent over $2 million on repairs since it opened. [1]The facility is closed until at least spring 2022. [2] [3]

The 27,290 square foot center is a pool and recreation facility in the Buford Middle School campus opened in the fall of 2010. [4]. [5]

The facility was designed by Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype Inc. with assistance from Train and Partners. [6]

In 2012, 70,344 people used the facility. [7]


Air quality issues with the facility arose soon after it opened. The pool was closed for several weeks while new air exhaust systems were installed at a cost of $342,000. [1]

The pool closed for a time in April 2019 for repairs. [8]

Before the pandemic, the city announced the center would be closed for the summer of 2020 for repairs that cost at least $1.8 million. [9] [10] [11]


Adult city residents initially paid $8 for a daily visit, $170 for a multi-visit pass, $37 for an individual monthly access pass or $370 for an annual pass. For a non-resident, those costs are $11, $247, $49 and $490, respectively. A city family of four can pay $88 to have a monthly access pass or $880 for an annual one; and a non-city family of four would be charged $118 for a monthly pass or $1,180 for an annual pass[5].


  • Two Indoor Pools (one competitive pool and one leisure pool)
  • Two Indoor Water Slides
  • In-Water Play Structure
  • Lazy River
  • Fitness Area with Cardio & Strength Training Equipment

LEED certification

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded the Smith Aquatic Center a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification at the platinum level. That is the highest level offered by the organization. Construction waste did not end up in a landfill. Windows provide daylight to 98% of the building, reducing the need for lighting. Ultra-violet lights are used in conjunction with a CO2 water treatment system to reduce the need for chemicals. A solar-powered system heats up water for internal use. [12]

The trade paper Athletic Business Magazine named Smith as a 2011 Facility of Merit, [13]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′36″N 78°29′52″W / 38.026668°N 78.497795°W / 38.026668; -78.497795


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