Shack Mountain

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Shack Mountain
National Register of Historic Places #76002090
Virginia Landmarks Register #002-0200
Location: Albemarle County
Nearest city: Charlottesville, VA
Coordinates: 38°05′32″N 78°30′03″W / 38.09227°N 78.500968°W / 38.09227; -78.500968Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°05′32″N 78°30′03″W / 38.09227°N 78.500968°W / 38.09227; -78.500968
Built/Founded: 1935-1936
Architect: Sidney Fiske Kimball
Designated NRHP: September 1, 1976
Designated VLR: June 15, 1976
NRHP #: 76002090
VLR #: 002-0200

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Shack Mountain joins Monticello, The Rotunda and UVA's Academical Village as the only National Historic Landmarks in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Of the over 80,000 properties on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States, less than 2,500 qualify for Landmark status. Shack Mountain was designed by Fiske Kimball (1888-1955), the most noted of America’s first generation of architectural scholars and the first Chair of the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. Shack Mountain is widely recognized as Kimball’s finest architectural work and his most personal expression.

Completed in 1937, Shack Mountain is in T form of brick laid in Flemish bond and struck with a grapevine joint. The front of the house is an elongated octagon dominated by a Tuscan portico with paired columns. Kimball agreed with Thomas Jefferson that the octagon was ideal for light and the proportion for windows to ceiling (13 ½’) should be adopted from Palladio, concepts he adopted for Shack Mountain. Windows are triple-hung sash. The tall ceilings, detailed mouldings and cornice, cylindrical doors and walls, are found more often in dwellings of the 18th and 19th century,


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