September 21

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Significant events that happened (or will happen) on September 21.


  • 1940 – UVA President John L. Newcomb said in a statement that the refusal to admit David Carliner to the UVA School of Law was not politically motivated. Carliner had been arrested earlier in September for distributing leaflets without a permit. [1]
  • 1942Charlottesville City Council approves the scrapping of 300 tons of iron rails from trolley lines for the war effort [2]
  • 1974 – First performance of The Virginia Pep Band [3]
  • 2022 – Commonwealth Transportation Board is briefed on cost estimate increase from $11.7 million to $17.9 million for the Fontaine Avenue Streetscape. Charlottesville had agreed to pay an additional $750,000 in local match. [4]




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