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Scottsville Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school providing pre-K through 5th grade. Scottsville is a part of the Southern Feeder Pattern and students from Scottsville will attend Walton Middle School and graduate from Monticello High School. As of 2012, Scottsville has 201 students enrolled and employs 39 staff and faculty members.[1]

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Scottsville Elementary was established in 1908 and designed to serve both elementary and secondary students. By 1913 the school had received full accreditation from the department of education as well as the University of Virginia. The school experienced several moves and changes, including redistributing grades 10-12 to Albemarle High School in 1967, and in 1972 the school was destroyed by Hurricane Agnes. In 1974 the school was rebuilt in a pod shape to weather future storms and in 1981 an addition was completed forming the building that stands today.[1]

In 2009, the county had commissioned a study to see if there would be savings in consolidating Scottsville with Red Hill Elementary School and Yancey Elementary School. The idea was rejected because of community support for all three schools.[2]


The current principal of Scottsville Elementary is Sharon Amato-Wilcox.[3]

The following is a list of people who have served as principal.[1]

Term Principal
2018 - present Staci England
2012 - 2018 Sharon Amato-Wilcox
2007 - 2012 Nancy Teel
2002 - 2007 Lisa D. Jones
2001 - 2002 Jim Jones
1995 - 2001 Jeannette Orrock
1993 - 1995 James Washington
1990 - 1993 Mary Rodriguez
1983 - 1990 William Steigman
1979 - 1983 William Reaves
1977 - 1979 Irving Driscoll
1958 - 1977 Thomas Allison
1954 - 1958 John Boggs
1947 - 1954 Thomas Gillis
1937 - 1947 Leslie Walton
1908 - 1937 William Smith


Scottsville Elementary is located at 7868 Scottsville Road.


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