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Scenic 250 is a citizens organization dedicated to preserving the rural and scenic character of US Route 250 from Charlottesville to the western boundary of Albemarle County[1].

Early history

The group formed formed in 1997[1], before the Virginia Department of Transportation unveiled a recommendation in the Route 250 West Corridor Study to widen the road to four lanes from the Charlottesville city line to the Mechums River near Crozet. During 1997-2000, Scenic 250 "vigorously opposed" the widening of the road.[2] Public opposition led to a May 2000 resolution passed unanimously by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors opposing the proposal and committed the County to maintaining the two-lane configuration of the corridor for all portions of Route 250 in Western Albemarle.

Later advocacy

As of 2009, Scenic 250 was

  • Opposing the...widening of the 250 West corridor by VDOT.
  • Opposing inappropriate commercial and residential development along the corridor.
  • Supporting programs to secure scenic easements and other measures to protect and enhance the visual quality of the countryside along the corridor.
  • Working with the county to make the 250 West corridor a model entrance corridor for use in other areas of the County[1].

Steering Committee

Scenic 250 is run by a steering committee, which includes Scott Peyton. Other representatives include Rick Middleton, Kirk Train, Gardy Bloemers and Alexander Von Thelen.

Former members


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