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Safe Routes to School


Project Overview

Status Update

Safe Routes to School is a federal program that assists localities with the construction and maintenance of sidewalks and other trails that help students walk or cycle to their school. The city hired a part-time coordinator in October 2016 and the position was made full-time soon after. [1]

As part of a grant application for funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation, the city had to develop a plan for the program. [2]

The program was initially administered by the group Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation but the folded in 2012. [2]

Albemarle County projects

Grants received

Albemarle County received a $190,000 grant in 2010 for road and sidewalk improvements to access Crozet Elementary School and the Field School[3]. It will be constructed in early 2012 if plans are finished by then. [4]

The county is also planning for Safe Routes programs for Jack Jouett Middle School and Greer Elementary School. [5] The plan, which consists of seven individual infrastructural improvement projects, is still in its initial phase as of June 2012 and requires approval from VDOT before requesting funding. [6]

Charlottesville projects

Buford School

This project constructed new sidewalks along Cherry Avenue and fix up the intersection of Forest Hills Avenue, Ninth Street and Prospect Avenue[citation needed].

Venable School

This will build a path from 11th Street to Venable School. [citation needed]

Burnley Moran

This will add new sidewalks to make it safer for children to walk to the school.[citation needed]


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