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Single Room Occupancies (SRO) are buildings that contain studio apartments rented out to people with extremely low incomes. SRO are seen by some as one way to combat homelessness by providing affordable housing to those with few resources. The city of Charlottesville has invested in a new 60-unit facility called the Crossings at Fourth and Preston[1].

Zoning code amended to clear way for SRO facilities

On April 20, 2009, the City Council directed the Charlottesville Planning Commission to study the code to evaluate possible amendments. On April 28, 2009, the Planning Commission took up the task in a two-hour work-session[2].

The City Planning Commission recommended approval of an amendment to the city's zoning code at its meeting on June 9, 2009. The vote was 3-2 with two Planning Commissioners absent. However, they altered the amendment to allow for up to 15% of units to be made available to more than one occupant. This was done out of a concern that to do otherwise would be discriminatory[3].

City Council approved the a first reading of the the change to the zoning ordinance on July 6, 2009[4]. and followed through by approving on a second reading on July 20, 2009.


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