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Ruth Klüger Angress (1931-2020) was a Jewish woman and Holocaust survivor born in Vienna, Austria. She was a professor at the University of California at Irvine from 1976-1980 and again from 1986 until her retirement in 1994.[1]

Early Life

Her family lived in Austria until 1942, when she and her mother were forced into concentration camps and her father, a gynecologist, was killed. In 1947, she moved to the United States, where she eventually became a professor. Klüger, still a recognized authority on German literature, worked at several prestigious universities, including University of California Irvine, Princeton, and the University of Virginia.[2]

Time at the University of Virginia

She was particularly drawn to the University of Virginia in 1973 because of its founder Thomas Jefferson. She left just three years later in protest of President Hereford’s views on race, which she believed to be anti-Jeffersonian.

Frances Brand portrait

Klüger is one of several people commemorated by the late 20th-century artist Frances Brand as part of her Firsts series. In that painting, she is identified as Ruth Angress.[3]

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