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Robbi Savage has been the Executive Director of the Rivanna Conservation Alliance since 2006 when it was known as the Rivanna Conservation Society.

Savage has a background in nonprofit management including more than 28 years as the Executive Director of the national association representing the 50 state government water quality officials. She is the founder and was the President of America's Clean Water Foundation. In this position she created World Water Monitoring Day, the TMDL Circuit Rider Program, and the Water Quality Standards Circuit Rider Program.

Savage established and facilitated the 1992 and 2002 Years of Clean Water. Her work has been extensively published, including the 30 Year Retrospective of the Clean Water Act. Savage has received numerous national and international awards, appeared before the US Congress more than 100 times, and developed a number of legislative proposals that were incorporated in the Clean Water Act. Since 2007, Ms. Savage has chaired the Rivanna River Coordinating Group, has served on the Technical Advisory Board of the Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy, was a member of the VA citizens for Water Quality Steering Committee, and has been a member of the Rivanna River Basin Commission.

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