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Riverdale was one of Charlottesville's individually protected properties, meaning any exterior changes or potential demolition would have to be approved by the Board of Architectural Review. The house is located at 1328 Riverdale Drive[1]. It was demolished in the Summer of 2014.

The structure was located in the community of Millington.

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Riverdale was built in 1912 for a Minnie Barnes. In 1917, Barnes sold the house to Aldretus Wilton Ward, a horse trainer. [2]

Attempts to demolish

For several years, the owners of the house have been looking for a demolition permit, but this has been repeatedly denied by the Board of Architectural Review[3]and the City Council. However, Council granted a demolition permit at their meeting on March 7, 2011. [citation needed]

Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°02′06″N 78°27′39″W / 38.034943°N 78.46074°W / 38.034943; -78.46074


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