Rivanna Village

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Rivanna Village

Albemarle County
County Area Village of Rivanna
Location Glenmore Way
& Route 250 East
Type NMD - Mixed Use
Lot Size 94.47 acres
Residential units Up to 347
Non-Residential Up to 40,000 sq.ft.
Development Firm Rivanna Village L.L.C.
Developer Contact Andrew Boninti
Date Approved June 13, 2007
Application # ZMA200100008

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Rivanna Village is a major mixed-use development in Albemarle County's Village of Rivanna designated growth area. It is located on Route 250 East of Charlottesville near the Glenmore community. The Village will follow the Neighborhood Development Model with a Main Street concept. A 17-acre park with tennis courts, a basketball court, pavilions, trails and several ponds will be accessible from the end of Main Street. Along with this park another 17 acres will be green space with residential units located on it, with this approximately 38% of the site will be park/greenspace.

Potential residential build-out

A total of 347 dwelling units are allowed as part of the rezoning, but none have yet been built or are under construction. [1]

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Project history

2001- The then-owner of the Property submitted a request to amend the County’s Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use Map for the village of Rivanna in support of this project (CPA-01-03). Prior to this Amendment, the properties were designated for Neighborhood Density uses.

May 15, 2002- The Comprehensive Plan was amended and all properties included at the time of the CPA request were designated as “Community Service” for the purposes of future land use planning. Following the CPA amendment, several adjacent parcels were purchased by the owner and added to the rezoning request, which retained their “Neighborhood Density” land use designation.

June 13, 2007- The Board of Supervisors approved ZMA 2001-00008, Rivanna Village at Glenmore, which included 13 parcels comprising 92.711 acres, from PRD (Planned Residential Development) and RA (Rural Areas) to NMD (Neighborhood Model District). This rezoning approval is referred to in this Application Narrative as the “2007 ZMA.” The 2007 ZMA included the following tax map parcels as had then been assembled by the owner to comprise this project: Tax Map 79, Parcel 25A; Tax Map 80, Parcels 46, 46A, 46C, 46E, 50 & 55A; and Tax Map 93A1 Parcels 1 (portion), 2, 3 & 4.

May 12, 2010- The County adopted a land use plan (the “Village Master Plan”) for the area surrounding the project, including a Future Land Use Plan for the area. The area described in the Village Master Plan is described therein as “Village of Rivanna.” Although similarly named, it is important to clarify that the County development area described as the “Village of Rivanna” in the Village Master Plan includes but is not limited to this project, which is known as “Rivanna Village.” The Village Master Plan refers to the property then comprising this project as the “Village Center.” Present Following the approval of the 2007 ZMA, the then-current owner Glenmore Associates did not undertake the development of the project. Glenmore Associates subsequently acquired several parcels that were not subject to the NMD Rezoning, including Tax Map 80, Parcels 51, 52 and 52A. Likewise, the owner has conveyed TMP 93-A1-2, which was subject to the 2007 ZMA, to the East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Co., Incorporated. Finally, the portion of TMP 93-A1-1 that was subject to the 2007 ZMA has been added to TMP 93-A1-4.

June 28, 2013- Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership conveyed all of the Rivanna Village parcels to a Rivanna Village, LLC, the current applicant. . [1]

Development status

This development is currently under review by the Albemarle County Community Development Department.

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