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The Rivanna Trails Foundation (RTF) administers the Rivanna Trail. RTF was founded in 1992 by citizens who wanted to create a trail system through the greenbelt of the Rivanna river, as well as its tributaries.

According to the RTF's website, "the goal of the foundation is to establish a footpath encircling Charlottesville generally by following the Rivanna River, Meadow Creek and Moore's Creek."[1] The RTF relies on volunteers to build and maintain the trail system, and views trail maintenance as a collaborative effort. A special emphasis is placed on getting each neighborhood to adopt trail segments "with a pride and a sense of ownership."

"We believe that community-wide trails serve as a resource for nature-related recreation and environmental education by individuals as well as teachers, bird watchers, walking clubs, and other local groups with environmental concerns. Well-maintained neighborhood trails provide children with a safe setting in which to play, a place for adults to exercise, for neighbors to get to know each other in a new way, and for community members to enjoy the beauty of our riverine areas.

"RTF is a volunteer organization supported solely by tax-deductible contributions. Membership dues offset costs associated with the establishment and maintenance of trails and footbridges and the publication of maps. You can help this effort by joining the Rivanna Trails Foundation."

"The Rivanna Trails cross private property and RTF thanks those land owners for their kind permission to let us use their property. Please respect their privacy and property rights by using the trails only during daylight hours, staying on the trails, keeping noise to a minimum and by not littering. "

Board of Directors

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Rivanna Trails Foundation is to create and protect natural footpaths, which follow the Rivanna River and its tributaries, for the enjoyment of all. We incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1992, and to date have completed more than 20 miles of hiking trails."

Meadow Creek Restoration

The RTF is working with the City of Charlottesville and the Nature Conservancy on a stream restoration project for Meadow Creek. Part of the project will involve new pathways for the Rivanna Trail. [2]


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