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The Rivanna Conservation Society merged with Streamwatch on January 1, 2016 to become the Rivanna Conservation Alliance. [citation needed]

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The Rivanna Conservation Society (RCS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to safeguarding the ecological, scenic, recreational, and historic resources of the Rivanna River and its tributaries. It does this primarily through outreach and activities designed to promote community awareness of and relationship with the river and its tributaries.

The RCS was founded in 1991. As the "Voice of the Rivanna," RCS's mission is to protect the water quality of the Rivanna River watershed, which extends from Greene County to the Rivanna's confluence with the James River at Columbia in Fluvanna County. All of Albemarle County and Charlottesville are within this watershed, as well as small sections of Orange, Louisa, Nelson and Buckingham counties.

The RCS sponsors events and activities throughout the watershed, including river paddles, riverbank clean-ups, public education forums, citizen involvement programs, teacher and student training events, and maintains dialogue with locally-elected officials to keep the health and protection of the river at the forefront of the region's environmental agenda.

Board of Directors

  • Tatyanna Patten, President
  • Angus Murdoch, Co-Vice President
  • Tim San Jule, Co-Vice President
  • Daniel Krasnegor, Treasurer
  • Jack Brown
  • Morgan Butler
  • Leon Szeptycki
  • Deana Winslow
  • Robbi Savage, Executive Director


RCS conducts a host of programs throughout the year; Third Thursday Brown Bag Lecture Series held monthly at the JMRL from to noon to 1pm, the annual Rivanna River Sojourn (generally the Earth Day Weekend), the Annual Rivanna River Clean Up (generally held in late September), the Youth Watershed Summit on World Water Monitoring Day (held each year in October)and the new RCS project Water Health for the Commonwealth - designed to link students and schools throughout the watershed together by sharing chemical water quality monitoring data. Log on to the RCS Calendar for more details.

Scheier Natural Area

100 acres of forested land was conveyed to the Rivanna Conservation Society by Mr. and Mrs. Scheier. This land, which is under a conservation easement, provides a network of trails for hearty hikers and leisurely stollers. The property is located in Fluvanna County, just outside of Palmyra. The Scheier Natural Area is open to the public from dawn to dusk each day. Special programs, including survival training, birding, native plants, edible plants and geocaching are available periodically. Dates can be found on the RCS website.


RCS is funded by individual donorations, foundations and other nonprofit organizations and project grants. In December 2010, the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund awarded RCS a $14,000 grant and the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation awarded RCS $6,000 to create a watershed-wide water quality monitoring network of student scientists/educators attending or teaching at schools bordering or in direct proximity to the Rivanna or James River[1].


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