Rio Rd. Streetscaping Improvements Phase 3

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Rio Rd. Streetscaping Improvements Phase 3

Project Overview
Cost estimate $3,237,500 per phase
Timing Future
Potential funding sources Revenue Sharing, Transportation Alternatives, Private Development
Next meeting None

Status Update

An improved streetscape for Rio Road is one of several transformative projects called for in the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [1]

This project supports the plan's vision of Connectivity.

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Description from plan

"Streetscape improvements to Rio Road are needed to provide more robust bicycle and pedestrian facilities and to improve the environment for street users. Part of the streetscaping planning should include an access management plan to determine where turn lanes can be converted to a treed median.

Needed improvements include restriping the road to add a two-way cycle track or SUP, widening the sidewalk and planting street trees, improving lighting, and adding street furniture. Where space permits, a landscaped median that alternates with needed turn lanes should be installed.

The timing of these phases will be dependent on when and where redevelopment occurs. Phase 1 priority should be given to providing bicycle and pedestrian upgrades along the street, which should be coordinated with Transformative Projects B (Berkmar Shared-Use Path (SUP))and H (Rio Shared-Use Path/Bicycle Lane)."


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