Revenue Sharing/Annexation Agreement and the Local Composite Index Committee

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In early 2010, the Albemarle County School Board asked Delegate Rob Bell to insert an amendment that would change the way the composite index is calculated in order to factor in the amount Albemarle County pays to Charlottesville in revenue sharing. Though the amendment failed, the issue caused friction between the two communities. In April 2010, both school board met with the City Council and the Board of Supervisors to discuss the issue. This committee was appointed to further discuss the issue. They held their first meeting on August 25, 2010[1]. The meeting was not open to the public, but this statement was issued.

“After a spirited discussion the group decided that at least initial follow-up discussions should focus primarily on the local composite index and potential collaborations between the Albemarle and Charlottesville school systems. It was agreed that the next round of deliberations will occur largely between representatives of the two school divisions, who will be asked to provide regular progress reports to this committee. Our meeting proved to be a good first step in what we hope will be a positive interaction between the school districts and governing bodies. We are confident both sides will come to the table in good faith.”

However, some elected officials have expressed disappointment that the process has not yielded any progress. [2]



  1. Dave Norris, Mayor
  2. Kristin Szakos, City Councilor
  3. Leah Puryear, School Board Chair
  4. Ned Michie, School Board Member
  5. Maurice Jones, Acting City Manager
  6. Craig Brown, City Attorney


  1. Ken Boyd, County Supervisor
  2. Dennis Rooker, County Supervisor
  3. Eric Strucko, School Board Vice Chair
  4. Bob Tucker, County Executive
  5. Tom Foley, Deputy County Executive
  6. Larry Davis, County Attorney


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