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Instructions for page protection requests

Note: This material borrowed from Wikipedia[1]

If you would like to request a page to be protected or unprotected, please follow the following steps:

  1. If you are requesting unprotection, it is almost always a good idea to ask the protecting administrators first before listing a page here. You might also review the Protection Policy.
  2. Add a level 3 header (i.e. ==== {{la|Example}} ====) at the TOP of either the protection or unprotection list and place one of the templates from the table below within the header. Please make sure you have spelled the name of the article properly; a common error stems from mistaken requests for the protection of redirects, particularly capitalised ones.
  3. If you are requesting protection, place the type of request (full protection, semi-protection, or move protection, see the Protection Policy for more information) and a brief reason for your request below your header.
  4. Please do not add arbitrary requests for a protection expiry time to your request, or request indefinite protection arbitrarily.
    • If there is a reason for a page to be protected for a certain amount of time, such as protecting a usertalk page until the user is unblocked, please make this clear.
    • If you are requesting indefinite semi-protection, be aware that it is only applied to articles with endemic and endless vandalism problems which multiple increasing periods of temporary semi-protection have failed to stop.
    • Note that different expiry times can now be set for edit and move-protections, so an article can, for example, be semi-edit-protected for a week and full-move-protected indefinitely.
  5. Sign your request with four tildes ~~~~ and save.
  • Note that this is not a venue for continuing an argument from elsewhere. If a request contains excessive arguing, is being used for edit-warring or content disputes, contains personal attacks or uncivil comments, or any other unrelated discussion, it will be removed from this page.
Namespace To request page protection / unprotection To request talk page protection / unprotection
Article {{la|ARTICLE}} {{lat|ARTICLE}}
===={{la|Board of Supervisors}}====
'''full protection'''. High level of vandalism. ~~~~

Current requests for protection

Sandbox-sysop (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)

full protection. This is where the reason goes. This is an example. Bwheeler 13:20, 5 July 2009 (EDT)

Current requests for unprotection

Sandbox-sysop (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)

full protection. This is where the reason goes. This is an example. Bwheeler 13:20, 5 July 2009 (EDT)

Current requests for edits to a protected page


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