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The Red-Land Club is a men's only social institution located in Court Square at 300 Park Street. The organization incorporated in 1905 under this name after being called the Albemarle Club. [1]

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The club is the successor to the Swan Tavern, which was located at the same place. When that building crumbled in 1832, it was replaced by a brick townhouse built in the "Federal Detached" style. Membership in the club was restricted to male attorneys but that was opened up to more professions over time. [2]

In 2006, attorney Deborah Wyatt attempted to become a member of the club. [3]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′54″N 78°28′38″W / 38.031528°N 78.477088°W / 38.031528; -78.477088


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