Ragged Mountain Running Shop

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Ragged Mountain Running Shop
Genre Retail
Founded 1982
Founder Cynthia Lorenzoni
Mark Lorenzoni
Headquarters Charlottesville
Products Running shoes and athletic gear
Employees Over 60
Website http://www.raggedmountainrunning.com/

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The Ragged Mountain Running Shop was founded in 1982 by Cynthia Lorenzoni and Mark Lorenzoni to meet the needs of Charlottesville's running community. The store has expanded many times and employs seven full-time employees [1] several dozen part-time employees. [2] The Lorenzoni's have been credited with helping to develop a running culture in Charlottesville. [3]


The Lorenzoni's have launched many races in the area over the many years. [1]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°02′08″N 78°30′02″W / 38.035641°N 78.500688°W / 38.035641; -78.500688


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