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Richard Thomas Walker Duke, Sr. (1822-1898) was a two-term U.S. Congressman in the last half of the nineteenth century. Born in Charlottesville, he was educated at the Virginia Military Institute, graduated from the law school at the University of Virginia in 1850 and was a lawyer in practice.

In 1858, Duke was elected commonwealth’s attorney for Albemarle County, holding the office until 1870 when he was elected to the Forty-first Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Robert Ridgway and re-elected to the Forty-second Congress, serving (1870-73). After his term, he was a member of the Virginia State House of Delegates, (1879-80).

During the Civil War, he served in the Confederate Army as Colonel in command of the 46th Regiment of Virginia Infantry.

Duke co-founded in 1889 the John Bowie Strange Camp of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV). This camp was "only the fourteenth of its kind in any Southern state and symbolized the depth of Confederate feeling in the community."[1]

Married to Elizabeth Scott Eskridge Duke; father of R. T. W. Duke, Jr., husband of Edith Ridgeway Slaughter; and William R. Duke.

On July 2, 1898, he died at age 76 on his estate, "Sunnyside," near Charlottesville.[2] Interment in Maplewood Cemetery.

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