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This page is intended to be a history of transit and bus lines in the Charlottesville.


Streetcar era

A streetcar network formed in the late 19th century but grew obsolete and was underused by the 1930's. Lines included the Charlottesville City & Suburban Railway Company.

Notable events

Timetable printed in the November 24, 1914 Daily Progress

* November 1914 – Charlottesville and Albemarle Railway publishes new timetable for service on the Main Street and University line and the Main Street and Fry's Spring Line

Bus era

On October 8, 1934, the City of Charlottesville put out a request for bids for a private company to run four buses along the routes that had been covered by the trolley system. [1]

In the late 1940's, bus service was provided by S.A. Jessup.

In March 1948, a petition signed by 300 people was submitted to City Council to bring service to the Belmomt area. [2]

Also that month, members of the Young Men's Business Club backed a proposal in traffic and parking survey that buses only be allowed to stop on every other intersection on Main Street. [3]

In 1980, Albemarle County received a grant to pay for bus service from the Lake Saponi area to Barracks Road Shopping Center. [4]

A ten cent fare increase was before Council on April 4, 1988. [5]

The service changed its name from Charlottesville Transit Service to Charlottesville Area Transit in 2010. [6] [7]

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