Albemarle Conservation Easement Authority

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The Albemarle Conservation Easement Authority is the citizen body that officially accepts and enforces conversation easements and other open-space covenants. [1]


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  • Sherry Buttrick, Chair, Term Expires 12/13/2016
  • Jennie More, Term Expires 12/13/2020 (Partial term)
  • Rose Emery, Term Expires 12/13/2022 (1st term)
  • G. David Emmitt, Term Expires 12/13/2021 (11th term)
  • Jay Fennell, Term Expires 12/13/2022 (4th term)
  • David Mitchell, Term Expires 12/13/2021 (1st term)
  • John Moore, Term Expires 12/13/2022 (4th term)
  • Hamilton Moses III, Term Expires 12/13/2021 (1st term)
  • Peter Taylor, Term Expires 12/13/2021 (1st term)


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