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Preddy Creek Trails Park is a 571-acre wilderness park[1] in north-eastern Albemarle County that opened to the public in April 2011[2]. Preddy Creek was formally dedicated on May 19, 2011.[3] It is the first park in Albemarle County with equestrian trails.[3]

A second phase of the park is expected to open in Orange County. That county's Board of Supervisors adopted a special use permit in September 2018. [4] [5]

Encroaching development from Greene County

At one point, Albemarle County officials were concerned that a development over the Greene County border could encroach upon the natural beauty of the park. The Fried Company had sought to build nearly 1,200 homes on Preddy Creek Road. County staff are concerned about the possibility of erosion in the park caused by stormwater. The Greene County Board of Supervisors will hear the matter at their meeting on December 21, 2011. [6]


The park is located in Albemarle County's eastern rural area, on the north side of Route 641 (Burnley Station Rd) just west of its intersection with Route 640 (Gilbert Station Rd). Parts of the park are in neighboring Greene and Orange counties.[2] Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°10′33″N 78°22′03″W / 38.175727°N 78.367624°W / 38.175727; -78.367624


The park has 8.6 miles of to hiking, cycling, and horseback trails, free and open to the public from 7 a.m. till one hour after sunset daily[2].


The county purchased the land in 1969, intending to use it as an additional water source for the region[1]. However, further study in the 1970's indicated that the water output would not be significant enough to warrant its development, and the site has been vacant since.

Preddy Creek Park was accepted into the Albemarle County Department of Parks and Recreation by the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on July 2, 2008, along with Byrom Park. [7]

$332,990 has been set aside in the Parks and Recreation budget to improve the park, including the development a new entrance because the existing one is deemed unsafe.[7]


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