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Red light cameras are devices that record an image of a vehicle that goes through an intersection when the traffic light is red.

One has been installed in Albemarle County and another is being planned for early 2014. [1] [2]

Virginia legislation

In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation allowing localities to implement "photo red". The legislation authorizes cameras at a ratio of one intersection per 10,000 residents. The Virginia Department of Transportation must approve each intersection before cameras are installed, and a sign placed at a minimum of 500 feet before the intersection warning motorists of the cameras' presence.

Use in Albemarle County

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance on August 5, 2009 to implement a photo red system at the following locations:

Albemarle has a contract with Redflex Traffic Systems to implement the systems.

The first of these, at Rio and 29, is expected to begin full operations with actual enforcement and fines beginning on November 11 2010 as part of what the County now calls the "PhotoSafe" system.[3]

A safety analysis was conducted in the winter of 2013 to install one at the intersection of U.S. 250 and Route 20. [4]


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